First Nations Urban Aboriginal ECD Steering Committee

In the fall of 2010 the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) brought the FNECDC together with the Aboriginal Early Years Advisory Circle (AEYAC) as a Joint Steering Committee to collaborate on the disbursement of funds for the Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Reinvestment Initiative.
The Steering Committee was successful in keeping operating costs low for fiscal year 2010-2011. Out of a total of $6,020,000 the committee was able to award $5,800,000 directly to communities and organizations across the province! Some funds were used to develop ECD planning templates. Remaining funds were awarded in the following categories:
Program Enhancements: A total of 428 projects totaling $3,473,722
Language and Culture: A total of 112 projects totaling $2,000,000
Service Planning: A total of 9 projects totaling $186,607
The First Nations Urban Aboriginal ECD Steering Committee has signed a terms of reference, completed a review of last year’s activities and begun planning for the disbursement of 2011-2012 funds. This year’s funds are expected to total $5 Million and will be used on similar streams of priorities. The FNECDC is pleased to be part of this valuable process and is hopeful that new resources will begin flowing to First Nations communities and organizations by June.