1000 X 5 Children's Book Recycling - Saanich Peninsula, Victoria & Westshore

Early success in school is significantly increased when children have had at least a thousand books read to them by the time they are 5 years-old. Literacy development is enhanced and emotional bonds are strengthened when families read together.

Via the 1000 X 5 Projects now underway in School Districts No. 61, 62 and 63, gently used picture books are collected through schools. The books are screened, sorted and bagged as gifts for families with children (from birth to 5). The bags are regularly distributed to three local food banks, 15 Strong Start Centres, many family-serving agencies and social programs, and other easily accessible locations. As of May 2013, over 112 000 books had been distributed throughout our region, with approximately 1400 families receiving books each month.

Watch a YouTube video clip from Chek News about this program.

To contribute or for information about work underway in your community, please contact:
Denise Brown - Project Leader, Westshore 1000 X 5 at: leahybrown@shaw.ca
Eileen Eby - Project Leader, Victoria 1000 X 5 at: eileeneby@shaw.ca
Daphne Macnaughton - Project Leader (Saanich Peninsula) PCEC 1000 X 5 at: dlmvictoria@shaw.ca